Tribe Trainer Course

Our 100 Hour Trainer Course is designed to integrate new coaches into The Tribe Strength & Conditioning’s methodology. Coaches in training are expected to commit to at least 5 hours per week towards their total hours. Coaches will be tested in their ability to instruct and provide feedback to athletes of all levels, and will be expected to perform a variety of movements to include weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility, and endurance. We take our programming and instruction very seriously, but perhaps more importantly, we want our coaches to create an energetic, supportive, and fun atmosphere in each of their classes. We believe that these intrinsic values set us apart and we want our future coaches to take time for personal development and growth.



Must hold accredited trainer certification

First Aid / CPR

Please email with any questions and we’ll be happy to discuss the full curriculum with you!


Meet our first Tribe Trainer Course participant – Lesley Lilly!!

Lesley will be leading various classes throughout the upcoming weeks as she works towards completing the Tribe Trainer Course. We’re excited to have her as our inaugural student!