May 2017 David Molak Award

Stephen Park


We are honored to announce Stephen Park as our May 2017 David Molak Award Winner.

Stephen’s story is one that I’m sure most of us can relate to. Since starting up at The Tribe he’s had seasons where he’s been very consistent and making great gains. However, those seasons were usually followed by lulls where getting to the gym wasn’t as easy to come by.

It’s easy to fall into those habits. Consistency in anything is tough! Especially when you throw in a baby boy (Macrae in Stephen’s case) who is just over a year old. It would be easy to just sit back and pick any old excuse out of the hat as a reason not to show up for a workout.

But that’s where Stephen’s story has changed. Over the past several months, Stephen has been one of the most consistent members at The Tribe. He’s hitting classes at all times of the day and working around his busy work and family schedule to make sure he takes care of his own body.

We are honored to highlight him as our David Molak Award Winner this month and glad that he can be a model of consistency even with a busy work/life schedule.

Oh, and he even carried Coach Nick as a partner in our recent Crawfish Boil Competition. It was his first competition and he’s looking forward to continuing to train and possible compete more often!

Congrats again Stephen! Keep it up buddy!

April 2017 David Molak Award

Justin Witherspoon


We’re pumped to announce Justin Witherspoon as our April 2017 David Molak Award Winner!

One of the biggest characteristics that the David Molak Award represents is work ethic.  When considering athletes that are nominated for this award, we highly regard athletes who show a commitment to their fitness much like David did.

Enter Justin.  This guy has been working his tail off for the past several months.  It’s hard to say when you’ll find him at The Tribe because he’ll get his workout in whenever he can find time in his busy work schedule.  Sometimes this is during the lunch hour and other times it’s at 5:30 AM because he’s got a packed day.

Oh, did we mention that he lives in Somerset?!?  Often, he makes the 30 minute drive first thing in the morning to make sure he doesn’t miss a workout!  Now that’s dedication!

Justin – We love having you here buddy.  You inspire others and remind them there’s no reason they can’t find time to workout.  We are excited to watch you continue to get stronger and especially excited to see you become a father very soon!  Love you buddy!

Here’s a little more about Justin:

Favorite movement:   Clean and Jerk

Least Favorite Movement: Bear Complex

Favorite Cheat Meal: BBQ plate- Brisket, sausage, potato salad, and macaroni

Rest Day Fun:   It usually consists of BBQ’ing and a cold beverage. We have our first     child coming soon, so I’m sure “Rest Days” will no longer exist.

What I love about my Tribe: I’m not sure where to start… How about the random days when I walk in and get a free RV Life workout shirt thrown at me? That’s always awesome. Or how about the mornings when majority of the time is spent laughing at Gordo and Geoffs conversations? Those are historical. Maybe one day I’ll be honored with an invitation to their ROMWOD session. All joking aside, Nick, Ed, and the Coaches have created a community that cannot be duplicated. Every person that I’ve met is welcoming, friendly, and loving. It’s like a big family. Many great friendships were made in my 7 months at The Tribe. Nick and Ed, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve helped me grow as a person, as an athlete, and above all as a believer. I love The Tribe!

March 2017 David Molak Award

Heather Card


Congrats to Heather Card, our March 2017 David Molak Award winner!!!  Heather joined The Tribe about 5 months ago and has made huge strides since then!  When she joined us, she hadn’t been committed to an exercise program in a good while so naturally she was a little nervous and hesitant when stepping in to the gym.  However, Heather has definitely overcome that nervousness and has really shown a great deal of growth in both her fitness and her confidence when she walks in to the gym.

Our coaching staff has watched Heather grow and couldn’t be more proud of the progress she has made since stepping in the gym.  She is truly a testament to what commitment and hard work can do for you here at The Tribe.  Congratulations again Heather, we look forward to watching you continue this awesome fitness journey!

Here’s a little bit about Heather:

Favorite Movement: At the moment T2B?

Least Favorite Movement: pull-ups?

Favorite Cheat Meal: Garcia’s Mexican Food (best ever!)

Rest Day Fun: a slow morning hangin out with my husband and kiddos and going in to the Tribe–best rest ever

What I Love About My Tribe: Let me count the ways….the ways that I have been received, they ways I have been coached, the ways I have been encouraged, the ways that I have been served…it’s a place I wanna be because of TheTribe that they are!

February 2017 David Molak Award

Geoff King


Geoff is an O.G. here at The Tribe.  He’s one of our Founding members and really pushed to become one of the best competitive exercisers in the gym.  You’ll typically find him doing ROM WOD in the corner with Gordo (probably making fun of the length of Gordo’s shorts) sometime between 6:00 and 6:15 AM.  He’s one of the greatest guys to be around and really knows how to lighten the mood of the room.  We love you Geoff.  Thanks for being a great friend to so many of us!

Favorite Movement: Snatch

Least Favorite Movement: Turkish Get Ups – if the ultimate objective of weightlifting is to move a heavy object from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ as efficiently as possible, this has to be the least efficient movement ever contemplated.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Order Up Double ABC Burger

Rest Day Fun: Hang out with my girls, Foley (6), Marian (4) and Emily (36).  Listening to Sublime and Creed with Ed in our high school letter jackets.

Athlete.   Of.   The.   Month.   February 2017.   Well, where do I start?   I would like to thank Nick, Ed and the Coaches for bestowing this honor upon me.   I appreciate the fact that most at the gym would like my new title to last for the shortest duration possible – so you’re welcome, only 28 days this month.  All joking aside, you guys created one of the most welcoming and fun environments that just happens to be a gym.   It is incredible how easily members from so many different occupations, backgrounds, ideologies, etc melt seamlessly together….all in a quest to push ourselves to be better people and get in better shape.   I’ll stop there before everyone gets too teary eyed and finish.  If I have one wish, it is that everyone takes the next 28 days to meditate on this: you may be way past your athletic prime; your energy a touch low; your motivation lacking; but if you put forth a questionable effort each and every day you can underperform expectations just like me.


January 2017 David Molak Award

Sutton Wilford


Sutton joined us in November and has shown incredible consistency at The Tribe.  Jokingly, in his bio below, he asked the question, “What are rest days?”  He’s in The Tribe 5-7 days every week!!!  We are fortunate to have Sutton join us in the middle of his fitness and weight loss journey.  He’s already 100 lbs down from where he started and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon!  We know the type of commitment required for that type of change and we know that he will be an inspiration to so many!  Keep up the good work Sutton!  We love you buddy!

Favorite Movement: Burpees

Least Favorite Movement: Pull-ups

Favorite Cheat Meal: Torchy’s Tacos

Rest Day Fun: What are rest days?

What I Love About My Tribe: I love that no matter what time or day you go everyone from the coaches to the members are welcoming and encouraging. We all might be there for different reasons and are at different levels but it’s the atmosphere and culture that keeps me coming back. I’m proud to be apart of The Tribe family! I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring. Happy New Years!


December 2016 David Molak Award

Ashley August


Whether you know Ashley or not, she’s one of the most unmistakably impressive athletes to watch in class. From knocking out a casual muscle up, sticking a routine 170 lb snatch, to making walking on her hands look more natural than most people look upright. Her athletic capacity and drive not only keep her workout performances at the top of whichever class she attends, but the entire gym for that day.

That said, the David Molak Award goes to a person that embodies so much more than athletic prowess. Ashley is one of the most honest, humble and kind people you’ll ever meet. Having known her for a few years, it’s been a blessing to watch her grow as an athlete and friend. She is always encouraging, pushing and inspiring others to perform to their best ability. She is rarely seen without a smile (even at 5am) and is consistently in a positive mood…regardless of how many deadlifts or sled pushes are programmed for that day. Additionally, we are excited to have been able to watch Ashley’s relationship with Chris Walden (he’s the guy squatting 1000 lbs at 6:30am) blossom into an engagement and eventual marriage in 2017.

Normally we would be excited to be able to share in their journey as a married couple while watching them continue in their awesomeness at The Tribe. However, their lives and careers are taking them back to Chris’ hometown in Arizona this month. With confidence we know that they will find another gym with a great community of friends through their humility, kind hearts, and sense of humor…the same attributes that will be greatly missed by your friends here at The Tribe!

Favorite Movement: Full Snatch

Least Favorite Movement: Ring Dips

Favorite Cheat Meal: I more so enjoy cheat snacks vs cheat meals. My favorite cheat snacks are: dark chocolate chipotle almonds, sour gummy worms, and starburst jellybeans.

Rest Day Fun: When I am not at The Tribe, I enjoying traveling, hiking, fishing, and camping with Chris!

What I Love About My Tribe: One of my favorite things about My Tribe is seeing Augie-Doggie run around like a psycho at 5:00am. I get my “dog-fix” without all the responsibilities that Chelsea and Nick have to take care of :). My other favorite thing are the people. Everyone is so encouraging and genuine. It’s refreshing to walk into a gym and see so many smiling face (even at 5:00am). I like that everyone is friends with everyone and that we are not a “cliquey” bunch. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind gym with awesome coaches to boot! I used to despise snatching, but thanks to their coaching and Oly Classes, my max snatch increased by 80 lbs! Thank you everyone for your friendship and encouragement!


November 2016 David Molak Award

Jimmy Vera


We’re so proud of this guy!  Jimmy has recently dropped over 60 lbs and he’s not done yet!  His personality and energy light up the gym and now he’s motivating and leading others to believe they can accomplish anything they want.  He’s never met a stranger and is the best at welcoming others into the gym and making them feel comfortable.  We’re fired up for where you’re at and your journey ahead, Jimmy!  Keep it up!!!

From Coach Nick:

“It’s an honor to have my brother nominated for this award.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about naming him to be the recipient of the gym of which I am part owner.  I didn’t want people to think we were being partial to family here…  However, I realized there couldn’t be a better choice for the award this month.

My brother has battled with weight loss for years now.  We’ve both gotten excited several times over with large chunks of weight loss prior to where he is currently.  However, this time is different.  He’s got the right approach this time around and he’s focused on losing weight for the right reasons.  This time his reasons are Godly reasons.  They are to glorify and honor God in his body and to be an example of self control to others around him.

The David Molak Award represents someone who has a great work ethic.  Someone who perseveres.  Someone who is driven.  Someone who loves others.  I’m not sure there’s anybody I know that represents this better than my brother.”


Favorite Movement: Shoulder to Overhead

Least Favorite Movement: Burpees, inchworms and basically anything you have to go down to the ground and back up again.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Greasy burger from Longhorn Cafe with fries and sweet tea

Rest Day Fun: Worship, family, and anything outdoors

What I Love About My Tribe: The greatest thing about Our Tribe is that everyone is welcome.  From the first minute that you walk through the doors, you feel like part of the family.  No matter your level of athleticism, you can be a part of the workout, from pro athlete to an overweight and out of shape person, like I used to be.

The coaches at The Tribe, not only program each day’s workouts, but also customize them to your level, if needed.  They are able to recognize injuries and weaknesses and help people work safely through them.  They take the time to build a relationship with us all and understand our goals and our limits.

All in all, Our Tribe is the most loving and supportive group of people I have ever known.  Because of you all, I am better today than I was yesterday.



October 2016 David Molak Award - Lauren LaGesse

Lauren La Gesse



This girl is seriously awesome!  Ever since Lauren set foot in The Tribe she has continued to impress the coaches and her fellow athletes with how much she has accomplished.  Many movements that once were daunting to her and many others at the gym are done without a second thought for this lady!  Pull-ups, Handstand Push-ups, Toes to Bar and many barbell movements are all on the list of things that Lauren has accomplished and gained proficiency in since joining us.

She continues to plug away daily and works on improving her weightlifting as often as she can.  We look forward to continue watching her grow as an athlete!

Congrats Lauren!  We’re proud of you and excited to announce you as this month’s David Molak Award Winner!

Favorite Movement: Power Clean. It’s a movement I feel very comfortable with, and it makes me feel strong.

Least Favorite Movement: Snatch. So. Many. Mental. Battles.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Craft Beer! If that doesn’t count as a meal, breakfast tacos! Preferably from a true hole-in-the-wall.

Rest Day Fun: Typically participating in some sort of sport. I am currently on a softball team and a sand volleyball team.

What I Love About My Tribe:  I love that working out at The Tribe always makes me want to come back again tomorrow. I was originally introduced to CrossFit at my work but it never really clicked with me as something I enjoyed doing until The Tribe. Walking into the gym and being greeted with excited waves and hearty hellos (or tail wags from Augie) is always a highlight of my day.


September 2016 David Molak Award: Gerald Barnes

Gerald Barnes


Everyone’s fitness journey/story is a unique one.  That’s definitely the case with this month’s David Molak Award recipient Gerald Barnes.  The coaching staff has known Gerald for quite a while dating back to several years before The Tribe opened it’s doors.  We’ve known him to be a guy who has lost crazy weight for weight loss competitions and a very motivated individual when it comes to fitness.
However, as of last year when The Tribe opened it’s doors, Gerald had strayed from exercise in general due to a busy lifestyle as well as being plagued with injury.  When we opened up last August, Gerald joined us but was apprehensive considering the shape he was in and the condition his body was in regarding injury.
In the past year, we’ve seen him return to his old form!  He’s really been able to take care of his body here at The Tribe while regaining much of the strength and conditioning he had several years back.  We love seeing him here at the gym pursuing and breaking many of his old records while maintaining knee and back health that had plagued him so many times before.  Congrats Gerald, well earned buddy!

Favorite Movement:Push Press

Least Favorite Movement:Overhead Squat
Cheat Meal:Whataburger #5 – but it has bacon so it’s practically Paleo
Rest Day Fun:I don’t have a rest day, I have kids
What I Love About My Tribe: I think it starts with having a strong foundation in the coaches, and the positive group of people that I get to workout with every morning, sometime afternoon, it’s a little community and everyone works together to meet their own individual goals

August 2016 David Molak Award - Bakari Collins

Bakari Collins


Bakari joined us in April and has become an afternoon regular at The Tribe. His movement has improved dramatically and his eagerness to learn has impressed us all. We are so excited to see his growth as an athlete, and his dedication truly set him apart for this month’s David Molak Award. Awesome job, Bakari, keep it up!
Favorite Movement: Thrusters (can you believe it!!?)
Least Favorite Movement: T2B
Cheat Meal: Steak fajitas
Rest Day Fun: Watching sports
What I love about My Tribe: I love the group setting that promotes teamwork and friendship.

July 2016 - Jane Jordan

Jane Jordan


It can be intimidating to walk into a new gym.  With so many factors such at the difficulty the workout, community, coaching staff and many others, we understand that there can be a level of nervousness when committing to your first class at any gym.  We commend anyone and everyone brave enough to take that first step!

Jane is a perfect example of one of our members who decided to boldly try out their first class here at The Tribe (with the encouragement of her husband and fellow Tribe member, Lee Jordan).  Since that first class and over the past several months, we have seen Jane’s nervousness turn into confidence!

She came into her first workout with several past injuries and made the coaching staff aware of what she thought were her limitations.  Those limitations have been dissipating over the course of her time as a member and she is now able to complete just about every movement we perform in workouts here at The Tribe.  The coaching staff has been impressed with Jane’s consistency on a weekly basis as well as her desire to improve in so many areas (we see the weights getting heavier on your bar Jane…).

Congrats Jane!  Thanks for being awesome and thanks for being a great example to so many of our members!


Name: Jane Jordan

Favorite Movement: Toes To Bar
Least Favorite Movement: Box Jumps
Favorite Cheat Meal: Mac and Cheese. Or pepperoni and jalapeño pizza with a side of ranch.
Favorite Rest Day Activity: Exploring local parks with my husband and our dog, which usually ends with a trip to the snow cone stand.
What I Love About The Tribe: Let me tell you – these guys are truly awesome. I was so nervous to come to my first class at The Tribe but Ed and Nick helped walk me through the whole hour and made sure I felt comfortable. Now I love coming to Tribe after work and getting my sweat on with a fun group! They welcome everyone with a big smile and continue to cheer you on during class, especially when you feel like giving up. I am so happy I found a place where I love to work out with a crew that treats everyone like family.


June 2016 David Molak Award: Mike Garcia

Mike Garcia


Congrats to Mike Garcia, our June 2016 David Molak Award recipient!  You’ll find Mike at The Tribe at all hours of the day.  He’s a firefighter by trade so inherently he’s already earned a badge of awesomeness.  On top of that, Mike is one of those athletes that relentlessly works to improve himself at the gym.  Any of our coaches will tell you he’s a pleasure to work with and you’d hear the same from our members here at The Tribe.  Great job Mike, keep up the good work buddy!  We love ya man!
Name: Mike Garcia
Favorite Movement: Cleans
Least Favorite Movement: Pull-Ups
Favorite Cheat Meal: A Whataburger (All the way, no cheese)
Favorite Rest Day Activity: Having morning coffee at any of the many coffee shops this great city offers.
What I Love About The Tribe: The big blessing and positive environment it has been for me. I love the friendly faces that greet me first thing when I walk in. Whether I attend the 5:00am, 8:30am,4:30pm or 5:30pm all the athletes are very encouraging and helpful and I love that. I love the different activities each month that promotes team to unity. I love the scenery when we run a 400m warm up lap. I really love the way the coaches: Nick, Ed, and Beth have been there with their experience and expertise helping me improve in my technique and mobility…those tiny cues and tips have made a huge difference in my overall health and wellness!! Thank you my Tribe Family I am so honored to have been chosen for this award!
mike g

May 2015 David Molak Award: Diana Gonzales

Diana Gonzales


This month’s David Molak Award recipient is Diana Gonzales, a regular at our noon classes here at The Tribe.  You’ll find her attending the lunch time class alongside Adrianna A. and Donna R. and undoubtedly they will all be working hard and having a blast in the midst of some tough workouts.
One of the things that persuaded us in our nomination of Diana was her work ethic.  This of course is a staple of every recipient of The David Molak Award, but she has a special kind of drive that she brings every day to the gym.  She recently achieved a long-time weight loss goal but doesn’t plan on stopping there!  Diana is motivated to continue in her health and fitness journey and is committed to not only losing weight but also improving her technique and gaining strength.
Way to go Diana! We look forward to your continued success at The Tribe and we are excited to see how much more you will improve and inspire others here at the gym!
Name: Diana Gonzales
Favorite Movement: Back Squat
Least Favorite Movement: Burpees
Favorite Cheat Meal: Pasta
Favorite Rest Day Activity: Biking
What I Love About The Tribe: It’s no ordinary gym! It’s family. It’s caring. It’s trusting. And most of all it’s inspiring. I have more in these past four months than I have ever learned in the years I spent at other gyms. I really appreciate Ed and Nick’s greetings when we walk in the gym and I especially appreciate all the other members, from older to younger ones, that encourage me to keep on this journey to a healthier and happier me! I have gained not only strength but friends and family who understand the struggle and what it takes to get there. With that, I am so honored by this award and feel blessed! Thank you to my Tribe Family!!!

April 2016 David Molak Award Recipient: George Martinez

George Martinez


The primary goal of The Tribe Strength and Conditioning is to improve the health and fitness levels of each of their members.  For many of our members, these improvements are acute.  This might look like a personal record on a lift in the gym or even mastering a gymnastics movement that they’ve been working on for months.  However, for others, their improvements are drastic and even life changing.  Our April 2016 David Molak Award recipient, George Martinez, is an example of one of these athletes who has experience this type of change.

When George walked into The Tribe he had just recovered from a shoulder injury that had sidelined him from exercise. George and his wife Cynthia came in determined and motivated to get back in the gym and improve many aspects of their fitness. He started attending classes and was able to participate using modifications from the Tribe coaching staff. After just a few weeks George was increasing his strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. We are very proud of him and excited for what is to come because George is showing no signs of slowing down!

Name: George Martinez

Favorite Movement: Double Unders

Least Favorite Movement: Any running, especially running followed by burpees

Cheat Meal: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Rest Day Activity: Spurs, ESPN, the Red Zone and playing in the pool with my family

What I Love About My Tribe: When I was a little bit younger, I was always on a team (baseball, basketball, softball, bowling, etc.). Not since those days have I entered a gym and heard someone call out my name in a welcome. When I come to the Tribe and I hear “Hey George”, it feels great. It is as though we are all in this together; the support and enthusiasm are contagious and keep me going. I am inspired by how hard everyone works. I used to be in pretty good shape until I went through a very painful shoulder surgery. Following my surgery I was hesitant to return to hard core exercise, because I didn’t want to injure myself, again. Nick, Ed, Beth and Justin are knowledgeable about injury and how to program for it. They adapt movements to meet my limitations while carefully pushing me to strengthen the muscles that are ready for it. The workouts are even a little bit fun, torturous, but fun torture. I have made a lot of progress since I started and I credit that to my hard work, the great coaching I have received in Justin’s class, the inspired programming from Nick and Ed and the encouragement and comradery from everyone at the Tribe. All in all The Tribe helps me feel even better about myself.

March 2016 David Molak Award - Sara Brouillard

Sara Brouillard


This month’s recipient of the David Molak Award not only embodies the spirit of the award but also our entire Tribe.  Sara is one of our founding members and just had her third child, Cecilia, 6 months ago.  Ever since returning from pregnancy, she has had a determination that has been awesome to watch as coaches.  We would be remiss to not mention the support she has from the rest of her family.  Her husband Jeff (who is also a Founding member at The Tribe) and her two sons (James and Joshua) fully support their wife and momma!

We’ve always known Sara to be very driven and a just a little competitve… however, if you read her questionnaire below you’ll also see that she’s quite funny, humble, appreciative and faithful.  This is why we write that Sara embodies everything that the David Molak award represents!  We love you Sara!  Keep up the great work!

Favorite Lift: Power Cleans and I love all body weight stuff (pull ups, running, HSPUs, DUs)
Lease Favorite Lift: Wall Ball Shots (I know this isn’t a lift but it is my least favorite anything so I am putting it down). My least favorite lift is probably snatch.
Cheat Meal: Chicken Fried Steak with Mash Potatoes and ice cream with an Order Up chocolate chip cookie for dessert
Rest Day Fun: There are no rest days when you are a mom of three little ones but I love to cook, it is my stress reliever. Trying out new recipes and playing around with different ingredients is fun.
Why I Love My Tribe:  So many reasons I love my Tribe. I have been doing crossfit style workouts for three years now but at the Tribe it is more than just about the workout. It is the community. I love that there are all types of people at all different levels and we can all go through a workout together and push each other to keep going. I love that everybody has a different strength and through all the variety of workouts each person gets to show that off at one time or another. I have been doing the game changer challenge and I was just reflecting yesterday, after the amazing David’s Legacy WOD, I realize my game changer has really had very little to do with my three goals (although I am making headway on those too), my game changer has been connecting with so many people at the Tribe and really engaging in the awesome community around me. And I would be remiss to leave out that this is absolutely the result of Nick, Ed, Beth and Justin’s leadership. Everything from the varied programming (which I know takes more time than I realize) and asking the membership for feedback/ideas to the positive attitudes at each class and engaging on a level deeper than just the physical workout. The trainers are the best. Lastly, I love that I get to do this with my husband. He is the core of my tribe and he is the one who encouraged me to walk in on that first day and promised me I would love it. As most of you know he is funny and fun but he is also selfless, always moving around his schedule to make sure we both get to go to the Tribe during the week. Ultimately My Tribe embodies Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Thank you for being such a great community, keeping me on my toes and laughing through it all!

January 2016 Athlete of the Month - Eloy Ruiz

Eloy Ruiz


Eloy has put in some serious work recently!  A couple of weeks ago, after going through Coach Ed’s 6-week Strength Class, Eloy hit a 65 lb. PR on his back squat!  Not to mention that along the way his technique has improved in both his weightlifting and gymnastics.  Needless to say, this month’s Athlete of the Month was a quick decision for the coaching staff at The Tribe.  Congrats Eloy!  We love you buddy and we appreciate your hard work and the fun attitude and personality you bring to the gym at 5 AM every day!

Favorite Moment: Hitting my highest PR on my back squat
Least Favorite Moment: Missing a box jump and skinning my leg
Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza with ranch
Favorite Rest Day Activity: Relaxing and having some drinks
What I Love About My Tribe: How well we all get along and build each other up

December 2015 Athlete of the Month - Mark Mathews

Mark Mathews


Mark has been a part of The Tribe since the day we opened our doors.  Heck, he was actually working on his Fundamentals in the gym before we opened doors for classes.  Since the day he joined us he’s been a beloved member of our Tribe and has transformed himself into a pretty dang good athlete.  Recently, he competed in our in-house competition, “WOD for Water” and led his team to a podium finish.  Oh yeah… he also won our Lock It Up Nutrition Challenge and has lost a ton of weight since joining the gym.  Mark is an inspiration to his classmates and coaches and we just genuinely love having him being a part of our Tribe.  Keep it us Mark, we love ya buddy!
Name: Mark Mathews
Favorite Movement: Rowing or Trying Butterfly Pull-ups
Least Favorite Movement: By Far… Burpees, LOL
Cheat Meal: Crushing a monster burger and some fries
Rest Day Activity: Either playing disc golf or anything outdoors
What I Love About My Tribe: I love the atmosphere and God orientation of the people who run The Tribe. (Coaches and owners) I love how encouraging everyone is and how much fun it is to work out every morning.

November 2015 Athlete of the Month - Colter Allison

Colter Allison


Colter has been as consistent as they come in the afternoon where you’ll find him wearing a smile and working his butt off at The Tribe. His commitment to following the nutrition plan set for him during the Lock It Up Challenge was unwavering.  He’s has shown immense growth as an athlete and we are excited to officially name him our November Athlete of the Month! Keep it up, bud!  Here’s a little about our buddy Colter:

Name: Colter Allison
Favorite Movement: STO/Clean and Jerk
Least Favorite: Pistols!
Cheat Meal: Chicken Fingers
Rest Day Activity: Tailgate and football games this time of year!
What I Love About My Tribe: It’s one big family. Everyone greets one another with a sweaty hug and a smile every day. It’s like being at the gym is the best part of everyone’s day so we all grit our teeth and cheer one another on. It completes my day.

October 2015 Tribe Athlete of Month - David Molak

David Molak


Dave has shown serious commitment over the past few months – not just to get stronger, but he consistently works on technique and movement. We are so impressed with this young man’s attitude and progress, and we are excited to have him represent The Tribe as October’s Athlete of the Month! He pushes his classmates, and even the coaches to perform our best, and we are grateful to have him in our Tribe!
Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk
Least Favorite Lift: THRUSTERS
Favorite Cheat Meal: Whataburger Patty Melt (heck yeah!)
Favorite Rest Day Activity: Watching football
What I Love About My Tribe: Being able to compete with and against adults of all ages
DSC_0084 1

September 2015 Tribe Athlete of the Month - Claire Clark

Claire Clark


Our Tribe Athlete of the Month for September is Claire Clark!  From Day 1 at The Tribe, Claire has been a devoted athlete even with a brand new baby girl at home!  If you’ve been in a class with her, you can’t help but notice the fun and energy she brings and of course the great smile she wears at all times.  Claire is one motivated momma that we love!  We couldn’t be more pleased to announce her as our September 2015 “Athlete of the Month” and we’re glad to call her part of our Tribe!

Name: Claire Clark

Tribe Member Since:  August 2015

Favorite Movement: Squat Clean

Least Favorite Movement: Burpees!!

Favorite Cheat Meal: Ice Cream – B&J Half Baked

Favorite “Off Day” Activity: Hiking with my little family

What I Love About My Tribe:  Saturday partner/group WODs have become one of my favorite weekend activities!! I love working out with the wonderful coaches & members at the Tribe!

August 2015 Athlete of the Month - Gordon White!!

Gordon White


One might ask, “How the heck could you have an Athlete of the Month in your first month of business at the gym?”  This is definitely a fair question.  Typically, our selection process involves our coaches getting together over a cup of coffee or a brew and talking about which athletes have attended the gym regularly and have made great strides in the past month.  To even be in this discussion is a great honor in the eyes of our coaching staff and class peers.

However, we have a unique scenario here in our first month…  Our first Athlete of the Month was nominated by a few of our members at The Tribe.  The members that nominated him have long desired to see Gordo recognized for his athletic accomplishments.

Congrats Gordo!  We love you buddy and we couldn’t have selected a better athlete/friend/guy to be our inaugural Athlete of the Month!


David Molak February 2016 Athlete of the Month - JOSH HERRERA


Josh is one of the select few (crazy) guys that shows up EVERY day at 5AM, rain or shine. He’s one of those people that makes waking up before 430AM actually enjoyable! (Yes, that seems impossible and insane!) Josh and his family inspired us to support Kinetic Kids and we are so grateful to have him as part of our Tribe. Josh, this has been a long time coming. Keep it up, bud!!
Favorite Lift: Snatch (which was not the case just a few months ago…!)
Lease Favorite Lift: Thrusters
Cheat Meal: Gimaldi’s pizza and a Firestone Union Jack IPA. (sounds like he’s been thinking about this for a while)
Rest Day Fun: doing anything with his wife and two daughters
Why I Love My Tribe: “the overwhelming amount of support not just while I’m there working out but for my family as well”